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Banking Built for SaaS Startups

With Winden, you’ll get an account that finally understands your SaaS business needs.

Save time and money as you take control of your finances, get paid faster, and access capital to fund your growth.

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Features to Help Manage
and Grow Your SaaS Business

Instant Payouts

Connect your Winden account to any payment processor or platform  and unlock revenues immediately.

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Free Transfers

No fees for money transfers, transactions, low account balance, or deposits.

For Businesses

of All Sizes

There’s no need to be an LLC or C-Corp to qualify for a Winden account. We welcome Sole Proprietors of all sizes.

Access to Capital

Get cash on-demand to fund product development or supercharge your growth marketing efforts. No paperwork. No hidden fees. Qualify in minutes.

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Take Control of
Your Finances

Boost ROAS for Free

Unlimited cash-back on ad spend. Earn unlimited 1% back on all your advertising spend through your Winden card.

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Stay in Control

See your entire business in one place. Easily manage expenses, balances, send invoices, pay, get paid, and much more.

Auto Allocate Your Taxes

Plan ahead for April 15th by automatically sending a percentage of your earnings to a separate Winden reserve account.

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Book Free Consultations with Top SEO Experts

Schedule a free one-on-one coaching session with experts in sales, marketing, seo, and social media.

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