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Your e-commerce business has unique needs that traditional banks can’t meet.

At Winden, we’ve designed an account from the ground up to help e-commerce companies like yours manage cash better and get ahead in today’s ultra-competitive online world.

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Hidden Fees. Impossible Qualifications and Applications.
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Instant Payouts

Connect your Winden account to major platforms and payment processors to unlock your revenues right away.

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No Hidden Fees

No fees for money transfers, transactions, low account balance, or deposits.

For Businesses

Of All Sizes

You don’t need to be an LLC or C-Corp to qualify for a Winden account. We welcome sole proprietors, apply with your SSN to get started.

Access Growth Capital,


Get cash to purchase more inventory or invest in marketing to grow your online presence. No paperwork. No hidden fees. Qualify in minutes.

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Earn 1% Back

Unlimited Cash-Back
on Ad Spend

Boost ROAS by earning unlimited 1% back on all your advertising spend through your Winden card.

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Manage Money In and Out
Money In
Money Out

Manage Money In and Out

Get a bird’s eye view of your financial operations in one place. Never miss out on an unexpected spend or charge.

Business Account
Business Savings

Plan and Budget

With Winden, you get a separate savings account to watch your extra cash grow on its own.

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Expert ConsultantExpert Consultant

Learn from Top Digital Marketing Experts

Schedule a free one-on-one coaching session with experts in sales, marketing, SEO, and social media.

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